What a Difference a Year Makes!

I've been struggling to write on here.... so with the anniversary of Jake's amputation looming... here goes! So the gravity of what we went through twelve months ago will probably never really set in. It was too big even now, it's like standing in the middle of Central Park trying to see the park edges. … Continue reading What a Difference a Year Makes!

Progress is a Win!

So, 10 days ago Jake got his "new" second socket. Since an amputated limb changes size and volume a lot in the first 2 years, we knew we would be going through a few sockets before he was in a "permanent" socket. Well, the first version of the second socket was created using lots of … Continue reading Progress is a Win!

One-Legged Wonder

I think Cody said it best after the show on Saturday night, that this group went from "undesirable to undeniable". That statement is so perfect for Jake's journey of recovery also.