Progress is a Win!

So, 10 days ago Jake got his “new” second socket. Since an amputated limb changes size and volume a lot in the first 2 years, we knew we would be going through a few sockets before he was in a “permanent” socket. Well, the first version of the second socket was created using lots of modern technology. An advanced machine that uses water to create a model of Jake’s residual limb for his prosthetists to use to create a better fitting socket. At the time of the original second socket casting, Jake was wearing upwards of 20 socks to make the original socket fit properly. So he was very excited to get a new socket!

As for the general amputee community… Jake and I watched “Skyscraper” and I was super impressed with all of the nuanced references to life as a below-knee-amputee.

Three days after getting the original second socket, we knew there was an issue. Jake could not wear it for long without a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort. So we made a plan with Jake’s prosthetists, and he went back to the “original” original socket and the 20 socks.


Toby and the team devised a plan to recast and make Jake a new socket since the original second socket just did not work. It turns out that technology is great, but also is not always the best. So Jake was hand cast, an old-school way of doing the casting, but also provides a little more art to the casting.

The “second” second socket was delivered to Jake 10 days ago, and I held my breath. We knew that it was significantly bigger than the seemingly-tiny original second socket, so our hopes were high! As long as he had a socket that fit better, and would not require 20+ socks, we would be happy! It turns out that this socket has been perfect. He followed the wear schedule: day one: 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening; day two: 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening…. until he got to 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening. He stayed with that schedule until today, and we got a great report and a new style sleeve! Hopefully, one that won’t get a hole and cause a leak in the suction suspension sleeve!


Fingers crossed–we are in the clear for now! Jake is wearing 2 socks with the new socket and that is perfect! It allows for the daily changes in the volume of his limb, and enough support so that he has great suction and therefore, confidence when walking.



Today, we are grateful! We both love our support team at SRT so much!

One thought on “Progress is a Win!

  1. Claudia V says:

    Thanks for the new post! I’m so happy that the new socket is working out. The team at SRT is impressive, and the process is really interesting; your writing is helping a lot of us understand what you and Jake are experiencing on both a personal and “scientific” level. We love you two so much! 💕

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