One-Legged Wonder

I know many of the people in our lives have probably been inundated with these last few blog posts or a barrage of tweets from both Jake and me. To those of you that we met over the past week through Starrcast and at All In, welcome! Most of the time I try to write about the things that Jake and I go through as a new amputee (and amputee-wife), but sometimes it’s about body image or anxiety, and occasionally it is really just an update on what we are doing in our lives and how we are trying to better ourselves every day in some small way.


Us with Nick Jackson, Cody Rhodes and Matt Jackson during our meet and greet during Starrcast convention in Chicago on Aug. 30, 2018

Jake and I got to experience something so amazing and life-changing this weekend. That may sound like hyperbole, but I have seen how far Jake has come in his recovery after losing his leg. He is a far different man now than he was pre-amputation, and I truly believe he is an even better man after Starrcast and All In weekend.


Cody Rhodes signing Jake’s prosthetic socket during our meet and greet.

When Cody Rhodes first replied to Jake’s tweet about getting his prosthetic, and he said that he would be sending Jake and a guest to All In on him, we were shocked! We were overwhelmed by the generosity of Cody, but also we quickly became flooded with hundreds of tweets and likes and encouragement from the wrestling community on Twitter. I say this knowing Jake better than anyone in the world, without the support of all of these wrestlers and twitter friends–he would not be where he is in his recovery.

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For the past 6 months or so he has had this drive within him, a drive to push past the pain and frustration and the reality of losing his right leg. It was having this major event with all these pro wrestlers that had at one time been told that they “weren’t good enough” or “strong enough” or “big enough” for one particular company, come together in such a big way. The fact that they were proving to the world that they were more than enough–made Jake push himself.

I think Cody said it best after the show on Saturday night, that this group went from “undesirable to undeniable“. That statement is so perfect for Jake’s journey of recovery also.

We had no idea how far and how hard we would have to work to get him where he is, but it truly undeniable that he is going into life “all in”. No cards left unplayed, no chips left on the table. We are both so inspired and motivated to do the work.


Thank you so much to everyone involved and please comment if we met at Starrcast or All In. It was such a wonderful experience and none of us wanted that feeling to end!


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