Where’s Waldo-Jake Edition

So today happens to be the sixth anniversary of me and Jake’s first date. Today is also the day that I was, for the first time, unable to find my 6’2″ husband in a crowd.

A quick recap of our first date… I am an anxious person, obviously, so after a week of messaging online, I knew I wanted to meet Jake, but I was cautiously optimistic, so we arranged to have a “pre-date”. So August 29, 2012, we met at a bar for a drink. The main purpose of this meeting was for me to see if the feelings I was initially having were genuine enough to pursue in a real way. For anyone that has done any kind of online dating knows, reality is sometimes different than the “online world”.

Well, the “pre-date” obviously went great, and Jake even sent me an evaluation at the end of the date. The next day we met up and spent 10 hours together, having lunch, going to a movie, walking around a mall, and having dinner. Afterward, we both had an hour(ish) drive home and I had boldly asked Jake to not text me until the next day so that I could “process” and not feel pressured to respond.

I made it about 6 hours, and I texted him–since that day we have never gone more than a few hours without communication.  A week after our first official date, Jake asked me if I would be his girlfriend and about 100 weeks after that he would ask me to marry him.

A few years into our marriage we have lost one of our four legs, but we aren’t letting it slow us down for long. At Starrcast this weekend, I had the interestingly unique experience of getting lost in a sea of people that could have been mistaken as Jake.

Tall, bearded men wearing black wrestling shirts nearly caused me a panic attack earlier today. At Starrcast, everyone is wearing their favorite Bullet Club or Young Bucks shirts, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of people walking around.

Luckily I was able to find my Jake pretty quickly, but the cult of independent wrestling definitely has a uniform. LOL

Tomorrow is the big event, and coming early next week, I will recap the events of the weekend!

Here’s a taste of the lines for meet and greets…


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