Wrestling with Twitter (and Pro-Wrestling)

166 days ago, Jake experienced mild Twitter fame, and now today we are at Starrcast. Well, technically it starts tomorrow. For anyone that is like “WTF are they doing?” Here is my best explanation of how and why we are here…

If you think that I am a die-hard pro-wrestling fan, ummm…. hello? Have you you met me? No, I married into the wrestling world, and at times I do find myself thoroughly enjoying the characters, the storylines, and the community. Wrestling fans are a unique blend of all ages, personalities, and parts of the world. Now, for those who can’t understand, I am going to take a chance and give you a comparison that works for me, a 34 year old woman.

When I was 17, I loooved soap operas. One of my favorite things in the summer was getting to watch everyday and talk with my friends about it. One of my favorites was “Days of Our Lives”. The storylines were insane–evil twins, kidnapping, dungeons, poising, literally–you name it, it was a storyline.  I loved rooting for the villain to get caught, or for the couple to get together! It was sooo over the top at times, but fun to be entertained with the drama of it all. Now take that… hold on to it–we will get back to why we’re here.

Another thing I loved around that time was the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. I was obsessed with Dominque Dawes and Kristen Maloney. The way that they would soar though the air when doing the vault, or the bars–even when they would be dancing and moving on the balance beam–it was mind blowing. I would look at them and struggle to believe that we were the same species. How can someone be so good at jumping and flipping and why oh why did it seem like it would be impossible for me to do those things?

Ok–so if you can relate to liking either of those things–soap operas and the summer olympics. Imagine the US Women’s gymnastic team acting in an incredible soap opera where they showcase their physical abilities!  When you mash those two thing up together in your mind and what you get is pro-wrestling. There are incredibly entertaining storylines, sometimes silly, sometimes scary–always entertaining though.

Now imagine that soap opera starring gymnasts, was actually the gymnasts that weren’t chosen for the USA team, they are the bad ass gymnasts that take risks and try things the “rules” of the official Olympic team don’t allow. They are the cool chics that are like, “I want to cross this balance beam that is 8 stories in the air!” Now what you have is independent professional wrestling!

That is what brings up here. The wrestlers, specifically Cody Rhodes and Matt and Nick Jackson (the Young Bucks), saw the tweet that Jake wrote the day he got his prosthetic leg. Keep in mind they each have thousands of Twitter followers, but Cody saw Jake’s post about fighting the good fight, and not giving up. And now 166 days later we are here, surrounded by the most supportive community of people. They have done so much and we have made so many friends long the way.

Stay tuned for daily updates!

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