5 Months into a 60 Year Journey

We had a follow up with the prosthetist today. After all the pain and discomfort from last week, we had high hopes that the past 5 days of almost no walking would have made a big impact. Well, our lovely and wonderful prosthetist, Toby, reminded us this week that Jake is only 5 months in, on a journey that will be nearly 60 years!

Not sure if every amputee has the amazing experience of such a great prosthetics company. But luckily, we do. When we went there this morning we were so thrilled to hear that his leg looks great. Looks like it’s healing and that his leg no longer looks “traumatized” or “angry”. It looks like it’s feeling better and more comfortable. So the plan we made together is working.

The plan is that for the next few days Jake will make note of how many socks he is wearing first thing in the morning. Since right when he wakes up, that is usually when his residual limb is largest. In an effort to get back into the “new” smaller socket, we want his limb to be as comfortable as possible before it faces a smaller and tighter environment. It’s all a work-in-progress.

So we will do the work. Wait until his limb is ready for a smaller socket. Jake is approved to go back to work… as long as he doesn’t go crazy walking. I have made an arbitrary limit of 2,000 steps a day for him.

Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out or sent prayers. They are all so welcomed. Thank you!

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